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Are You Making These Mistakes When Using Dumpster Rentals?

Dumpster rentals come in handy when dealing with large amounts of waste that need removal services. So if you are doing a decluttering task, about to embark on a renovation project, or doing a storm clean-up, getting these containers can contribute to the project's success. However, for your project to go smoothly, you must learn about some mistakes to avoid when getting these dumpster rentals.

1. Wrong Size

Most companies rent out dumpsters of different sizes to meet the different needs of their clients. However, a common mistake most people make is not estimating the amount of waste the project will produce so that you can rent the right size. As a result, they end up choosing a larger or smaller size, which makes the whole process more expensive than it needs to be. That's because getting a large container means you will pay for extra space you will not use, while a small container means you might have to get a second one, thus doubling the charges.

2. Wrong Placement

Most homeowners assume they can place a dumpster anywhere on their property, but that is not the case. You can make several mistakes with the placement, such as placing it on a steep slope where it could roll away, on your neighbor's property, on top of a septic tank or plumbing system, or the street. Such mistakes could cause injury, property damage, complaints from neighbors, and even hefty fines from relevant authorities.

3. Dumping Prohibited Things

Some people throw anything in the dumpsters, including dangerous materials and chemicals. That's because they do not know the relevant rules and regulations on waste management and safe disposal. However, since most companies will throw the waste into landfills, putting hazardous waste in them might cause contamination that will affect people and the environment. Consequently, you might face legal ramifications.

4. Exceeding Limit

Dumpster containers have a limit to which you can fill them, but when people have lots of waste to throw, they might ignore this limit. They need to understand that this limit is set to protect the container from damage. So, depending on what you are disposing of, exceeding the limit set might strain and damage the dumpster. In turn, you will have to pay the rental company for repairs or replacement of the container and also pay additional charges for any cleanup project that might follow afterward.

Common mistakes most people make when using a dumpster rental are choosing the wrong size, wrongly replacing the dumpster, dumping hazardous products, and disregarding the container limit. All these mistakes have costly repercussions, so you must discuss your project extensively with the rental company you are planning to use. The dumpster company will be willing to guide you to ensure that you avoid making these four costly mistakes.

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